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Is anyone still alive?

Is there someone who did not quit Fantage???

I can see that all the Fantage blogs stopped posting about Fantage! (that is nice because i hate Fantage)

(the weird thing is that I get followers even if the blog is not active)

~noel (does anyone remember me tho?)

(stop.NO MORE POSTS.I don’t want to get in this thing again.just checking wordpress.it’s been 1 year)


For you!

Everyone thank you for visiting my blog you,thanks to you this blog has over 3000 views! And thank you for liking too!

Screenshot_1 Screenshot_2

Something weird

Three days ago i rented a dress from Le Shop, and when i logged in today this happened:

Screenshot_2 Screenshot_1

Weird huh?




Hello everyone! School is over so my break from Fantage and blogging is over too! Lets have some fun 😉




Reminds me of old memories 😦

The Fantage Noel

Hiii i just created this blog xD xD.Im Noel.



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Fantage changed most of my favorite places today!



Where is Oasis, The Dock,The Camp? And they joined the Forest with Wizard Domain and Creature Area!


They made the lighthouse shorter and you can’t see the sea anymore!


Same goes with the Carnival the whole carnival is in this one little picture,and it used to be so big!


The Star Cafe is almost empty.

I don’t have any reasons to play Fantage anymore,so this blog wont be active so much lately!

Good bye!

~noel~ (maybe my last post)



Fantage new event…

I think Fantage forgot all about Dr. Finkelstein………………………..

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